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nana::dragger Class Reference

Helper class that allows the user to drag windows. More...

Inheritance diagram for nana::dragger:


class  dragger_impl_t

Public Member Functions

 dragger ()
 ~dragger ()
 dragger (dragger &&)
draggeroperator= (dragger &&)
void target (window)
void target (window, const rectangle &restrict_area, nana::arrange)
void remove_target (window)
void trigger (window)

Detailed Description

Helper class that allows the user to drag windows.

If a user presses the mouse on the specified window and moves the mouse, the specified window is dragged. The drag target window and trigger window can be set more than once. See Is it possible to make event inside event handler? and How to make widget movable by mouse the best way

drag-button.cpp, and window-dragger.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nana::dragger::dragger ( )
nana::dragger::~dragger ( )
nana::dragger::dragger ( dragger &&  other)

Member Function Documentation

dragger & nana::dragger::operator= ( dragger &&  other)
void nana::dragger::remove_target ( window  wd)
void nana::dragger::target ( window  wd)
void nana::dragger::target ( window  wd,
const rectangle restrict_area,
nana::arrange  arg 
void nana::dragger::trigger ( window  tg)