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nana::rectangle Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 rectangle ()
 a zero-size rectangle at (0, 0). More...
 rectangle (int x, int y, unsigned width, unsigned height)
 rectangle (const size &)
 a rectangle with specified size at coordinate (0, 0). More...
 rectangle (const point &, const size &=size())
bool operator== (const rectangle &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const rectangle &rhs) const
point position () const noexcept
rectangleposition (const point &) noexcept
size dimension () const noexcept
rectangledimension (const size &) noexcept
rectanglepare_off (int pixels)
 Pares the specified pixels off the rectangle. More...
int right () const noexcept
int bottom () const noexcept
bool is_hit (int x, int y) const
bool is_hit (const point &pos) const
bool empty () const
 true if width * height == 0. More...
rectangleshift ()
 Swap position x and y, size width and height. More...

Public Attributes

int x
int y
unsigned width
unsigned height

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nana::rectangle::rectangle ( )

a zero-size rectangle at (0, 0).

nana::rectangle::rectangle ( int  x,
int  y,
unsigned  width,
unsigned  height 
nana::rectangle::rectangle ( const size sz)

a rectangle with specified size at coordinate (0, 0).

nana::rectangle::rectangle ( const point pos,
const size sz = size() 

Member Function Documentation

int nana::rectangle::bottom ( ) const
size nana::rectangle::dimension ( ) const
rectangle & nana::rectangle::dimension ( const size sz)
bool nana::rectangle::empty ( ) const

true if width * height == 0.

bool nana::rectangle::is_hit ( int  x,
int  y 
) const
bool nana::rectangle::is_hit ( const point pos) const
bool nana::rectangle::operator!= ( const rectangle rhs) const
bool nana::rectangle::operator== ( const rectangle rhs) const
rectangle & nana::rectangle::pare_off ( int  pixels)

Pares the specified pixels off the rectangle.

It's equal to x += pixels; y + pixels; width -= (pixels << 1); height -= (pixels << 1);

pixelsThe number of pixels to be pared. If the number that multiples pixels twice is larger than width/height, the width/height will be zero. If the pixels is a negative number, the width/height is add the number that multiple pixels twice.
The reference of *this.
point nana::rectangle::position ( ) const
rectangle & nana::rectangle::position ( const point p)
int nana::rectangle::right ( ) const
rectangle & nana::rectangle::shift ( )

Swap position x and y, size width and height.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned nana::rectangle::height
unsigned nana::rectangle::width
int nana::rectangle::x
int nana::rectangle::y