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nana::drawerbase::tabbar::tabbar_events< T > Struct Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for nana::drawerbase::tabbar::tabbar_events< T >:

Public Types

using value_type = T

Public Attributes

basic_event< arg_tabbar_adding
< value_type > > 
basic_event< arg_tabbar
< value_type > > 
basic_event< arg_tabbar_mouse
< value_type > > 
basic_event< arg_tabbar
< value_type > > 
< arg_tabbar_removed
< value_type > > 
- Public Attributes inherited from nana::general_events
basic_event< arg_mousemouse_enter
 the cursor enters the window More...
basic_event< arg_mousemouse_move
 the cursor moves on the window More...
basic_event< arg_mousemouse_leave
 the cursor leaves the window More...
basic_event< arg_mousemouse_down
 the user presses the mouse button More...
basic_event< arg_mousemouse_up
 the user presses the mouse button More...
basic_event< arg_clickclick
 the window is clicked, but occurs after mouse_down and before mouse_up More...
basic_event< arg_mousedbl_click
 the window is double clicked More...
basic_event< arg_wheelmouse_wheel
 the mouse wheel rotates while the window has focus More...
basic_event< arg_dropfilesmouse_dropfiles
 the mouse drops some external data while the window enable accepting files More...
basic_event< arg_exposeexpose
 the visibility changes More...
basic_event< arg_focusfocus
 the window receives or loses keyboard focus More...
basic_event< arg_keyboardkey_press
 a key is pressed while the window has focus. event code is event_code::key_press More...
basic_event< arg_keyboardkey_release
 a key is released while the window has focus. event code is event_code::key_release More...
basic_event< arg_keyboardkey_char
 a character, whitespace or backspace is pressed. event code is event_code::key_char More...
basic_event< arg_keyboardshortkey
 a defined short key is pressed. event code is event_code::shortkey More...
basic_event< arg_movemove
 the window changes position More...
basic_event< arg_resizingresizing
 the window is changing its size More...
basic_event< arg_resizedresized
 the window is changing its size More...
basic_event< arg_destroydestroy
 the window is destroyed, but occurs when all children have been destroyed More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from nana::general_events
virtual ~general_events ()=default

Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename T >
using nana::drawerbase::tabbar::tabbar_events< T >::value_type = T

Member Data Documentation