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nana::arg_resized Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for nana::arg_resized:

Public Attributes

::nana::window window_handle
 A handle to the event window. More...
unsigned width
 new width in pixels. More...
unsigned height
 new height in pixels. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from nana::event_arg
virtual ~event_arg ()=default
void stop_propagation () const
 ignorable handlers behind the current one in a chain of event handlers will not get called. More...
bool propagation_stopped () const

Member Data Documentation

unsigned nana::arg_resized::height

new height in pixels.

unsigned nana::arg_resized::width

new width in pixels.

::nana::window nana::arg_resized::window_handle

A handle to the event window.