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nana::paint::font Class Reference


struct  impl_type

Public Types

using path_type = ::std::filesystem::path
using font_style = ::nana::detail::font_style

Public Member Functions

 font ()
 font (drawable_type)
 font (const font &)
 font (const ::std::string &name, double size_pt, const font_style &fs={})
 font (double size_pt, const path_type &truetype, const font_style &fs={})
 ~font ()
bool empty () const
void set_default () const
::std::string name () const
double size (bool fixed=false) const
 Returns font size, in point. More...
bool bold () const
unsigned weight () const
bool italic () const
native_font_type handle () const
void release ()
bool strikeout () const
bool underline () const
fontoperator= (const font &)
bool operator== (const font &) const
bool operator!= (const font &) const


class graphics

Detailed Description


Member Typedef Documentation

using nana::paint::font::path_type = ::std::filesystem::path

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nana::paint::font::font ( )
nana::paint::font::font ( drawable_type  dw)
nana::paint::font::font ( const font rhs)
nana::paint::font::font ( const ::std::string name,
double  size_pt,
const font_style fs = {} 
nana::paint::font::font ( double  size_pt,
const path_type truetype,
const font_style fs = {} 
nana::paint::font::~font ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool nana::paint::font::bold ( ) const
bool nana::paint::font::empty ( ) const
native_font_type nana::paint::font::handle ( ) const
bool nana::paint::font::italic ( ) const
std::string nana::paint::font::name ( ) const
bool nana::paint::font::operator!= ( const font rhs) const
font & nana::paint::font::operator= ( const font rhs)
bool nana::paint::font::operator== ( const font rhs) const
void nana::paint::font::release ( )
void nana::paint::font::set_default ( ) const
double nana::paint::font::size ( bool  fixed = false) const

Returns font size, in point.

fixedIndicates whether to return a fixed font size. If this parameter is false, the method may return zero for default system font size. If the parameter is true, the method returns a fixed size of default font size if the font size that assigned by constructor is zero.
The font size, in point.
bool nana::paint::font::strikeout ( ) const
bool nana::paint::font::underline ( ) const
unsigned nana::paint::font::weight ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class graphics