Ariel Vina-Rodriguez

Here I post information about some of the projects I'm working. Some of them are personal projects or contributions to others people projects, and others are part of my work at FLI-INNT and particularly of my PhD thesis: "RNA virus detection and identification using techniques based on DNA hybridization" (pdf) at the University of Greifswald


VisualOligoDeg Wiki

An easy to use tool for visual selection of candidate primers and probes from aligned DNA sequences. A paper in preparation. See Flavivirus.


"A novel pan-flavivirus detection and identification assay, based on RT-qPCR and microarray". Vina-Rodriguez A, Sachse K, Ziegler U, Chaintoutis SC, Keller M, Groschup MH and Eiden M. Biomed Res Int. Special issue "Molecular Detection and Differentiation of Emerging or Reemerging Viruses and Development of Antivirals", 2017

A fork of Orange include a few modifications specially to analice these microarray results.


West Nile virus epizootic in Germany, 2018. Ute Ziegler, Renke Lühken, Markus Keller, Daniel Cadar, Elisabeth van der Grinten, Friederike Michel, Kerstin Albrecht, Martin Eiden, Monika Rinder, Lars Lachmann, Dirk Höper, Ariel Vina-Rodriguez, Wolfgang Gaede, Andres Pohl, Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit, Martin H Groschup. Antiviral research 162, 39-43. 2019.


Hepatitis E virus sequence diversity Wiki

Viruses. 2015 May 22;7(5):2704-26. doi: 10.3390/v7052704. Hepatitis E virus genotype 3 diversity: phylogenetic analysis and presence of subtype 3b in wild boar in Europe. Vina-Rodriguez A, Schlosser J, Becher D, Kaden V, Groschup MH, Eiden M.

To be published: "High prevalence and genetic diversity of HEV in wild boar from south-west Germany".


A paper in preparation: ThDy_DNAHybrid: design and analysis of PCR and microarray.

ThDySec Wiki


A paper in preparation: RobotEvo: Lab-automation - productive programming of Tecan Evoware. RNA extraction protocols.

Nana C++ GUI Library, by Jinhao

For years I have been contributing to this project, including new features, improving or introducing widgets, tests, demos, build-scripts, fixing bugs, answering questions, etc. I maintain the Doxygen generated documentation. Here an example of User Documentation and a Wiki

Author: Ariel Viña Rodríguez.

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